How it works:

Sign Up


All cadets should Sign Up to take the Practice Test and access The Essential Guide to the SAT and ACT. Once a cadet has signed up by creating a username and password, they can Sign In to access the Student Dashboard which will link the cadet to the Practice Test and The Essential Guides.


Instructors should Sign Up in order to create a profile and register a team. Required information to complete Sign Up includes the school name, address, phone number, school size and participation in Free/Reduced Lunch. Once the instructor has signed up, he/she will be able to Sign In and create a team (October 26-November 20).



THE PRACTICE TEST IS OPEN TO ALL CADETS. Each cadet should Sign In using the username and password they created and may take the Practice Test anytime October 1-25. The Practice Test is taken individually, not as a team. It consists of 25 questions (from a bank of 50 questions so cadets may take the test multiple times) similar to those questions in Levels I and II and is a great way to evaluate your entire unit’s understanding of JROTC curriculum and general subjects. The cadet’s scores in the Practice Test will be available on their individual dashboard. COF does not provide Practice Test scores to instructors.

Level I and II Competition Dates:

Level I: November 1-20
Level II: February 1-15

  • Select a day and time during the competition window that works best for your team.
  • The instructor should logon to and Sign In using his/her username and password.
  • Once on the Dashboard, click on Tests.
  • Follow directions on that page and begin the competition.
  • Both Level I and II consist of approximately 75 questions and take approximately 1 hour to complete.  This is a TEAM event – all cadets on the team (including alternates) should sit at one computer and answer questions as a team.
  • Once a team has begun the test, there is no ability to stop and start over. The competition must be completed in one sitting.

If your team advances to Level II (February 1-15), you will follow the same procedure, using the Instructor’s username and password.

LEVEL III: The Championship has been cancelled due to health and safety concerns.